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breaking news. deadly fire ball. a gas explosion rips through a neighborhood near san francisco, burning dozens of homes, killing at least one person. we are live from the scene of the devastation. koran confusion. the florida pastor who threatened to burn the holy book now says he was lied to by a muslim cleric all over the proposed islamic center near ground zero. will the burning go on as scheduled? we'll talk to both men at the center of this koefs. and bank robber surprise. a customer jumps in to stop a holdup, leading to a desperate struggle for the robber's gun, "early" this friday morning, struggle for the robber's gun, "early" this friday morning, september 10, 2010. captioning funded by cbs oh, you made it. good friday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm harry smith. a busy news day.
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>> it is. breaking news out of northern california. a giant fire ball there, just around dinner time. dozens of homes destroyed after a huge explosion last night. it was apparently caused by a broken gas line. it happened in a san francisco suburb, very close to san francisco international airport. priya david clemens is in san bruno this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're right at the edge of where the fire stopped. i want you to take a look at this devastation behind me. you're going to see burned out cars. the firefighters still working to make sure all the smoldering flames are out completely. we're seeing little pockets of flames still pop up here and there. see this home has been completely flattened. this is a scene that's been repeated dozens of times throughout this neighborhood. parts of san bruno, california, were turned into a raging inferno. around dinner time thursday evening. flames roared some 60 feet into the air as block after block in this residential neighborhood about five miles from san
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francisco's airport, were engulfed. witnesses reported hearing and feeling a large explosion, leading to early speculation that a plane may have gone down. >> it sounded like a jet almost, like just a giant roar and then the biggest boom i've ever heard in my life. >> reporter: but it was a high-pressure natural gas line that ruptured, caused the explosion and fueled the spectacular blaze. the local utility company, pacific gas & electric, says they will be accountable if it's determined they were at fault. >> terrible, terrible tragedy has fallen on our city this afternoon. our main concern as public officials here, making sure our citizens are safe. >> reporter: the view from the sky revealed a large swath of the neighborhood reduced to embers and ash. more than 50 homes were destroyed and more than 100 damaged. >> i lost everything. everything. it's gone. it's history. >> reporter: as firefighters fought the blaze from the ground, airplanes swooped in,
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dropping flame retardant in a desperate attempt. images we're accustomed to seeing during fires in the forest, not the suburbs. >> we're asking anyone that has evacuated, get onto the bus. >> reporter: more than 100 people were evacuated to two nearby shoelters. long-time resident bob pellegrini didn't need anyone telling him to leave. >> i've never ever felt heat that intense. ever. it was -- >> reporter: is there any way to describe what you were feeling? >> yeah, like hell on earth. it really was. it was like hell on earth. all you see is 80-foot flames, and intense flames. >> reporter: we're hearing that several people have been treated and released for minor injuries. about eight are at a burn unit in san francisco being treated in critical condition. and three people have lost their lives to this blaze. erica? >> priya, thanks. that picture behind priya tells the tale. priya in san bruno this morning.
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as you heard, there are shelters set up by the red cross because there are immediate needs in that area, smoldering as you saw behind priya. we want to get more about the damage on the ground in san bruno, also how it unfolded from some folks who were there and experiencing it. woody baker kohn joining us from the american red cross along with adam broadway who saw the explosion as it happened. good to have you with us. woody, if you could, give us an idea at this point, what are the immediate needs for folks in the area? >> well, those that got out of the area, the fire department and police department were quick in getting people out. we then assessed anybody that had injuries that needed treatment. people that were maybe missing life-sustaining medications, things of that nature. and then we quickly set up a couple of shelters to house people overnight, brought in some mental health professionals as well as some nursing staff to help with the medical needs and
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so forth. so, we've now got them in shelters. many of them had places to go of their own, friends and family. >> luckily. it's amazing, considering the time of day, just around dinner time, with flames that were hot enough to crack the windshields of a fire truck. amazing there wasn't more damage, that we're not hearing about more injuries and deaths. adam, you were picking up your 8-year-old son from a soccer game. describe to us what you heard and what you saw. >> well, i was actually just dropping my son off to a game of soccer in a nearby oval, and it was just around 6:00. i didn't actually see the explosion, but i did see subsequently a smoke plume building up from the hill over the side. and having just moved over from australia and experienced major bush fires that devastated my home over there, i was really paranoid. so i quickly jumped in the car, got up to the road and people were everywhere. there was fire balls billowing up out of the ground.
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we could see the smoke plume just building and building and building. and all of the residents were coming out. people were talking about how their homes had shaken. there was a lot of confusion. and police were just coming on the scene. there was suggestions that it was a light aircraft that it crashed. that had been then subsequently san francisco airport had accounted for all the planes, so we realized it was something else. it was just a real confusion in the air. people everywhere on phones, talking about, well, are my friends and family okay? and a lot of organized panic. >> boy, what a scary situation, especially when you're dealing with a bunch of kids at a soccer game. rough for them as well. we're glad you are doing well this morning and glad to hear that the numbers are not worse from this tragedy, as we continue to follow it. woody baker and adam broadway, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> harry? >> now to the ongoing controversy over a florida
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pastor's plan to burn a koran on the anniversary of 9/11. that plan could be on hold, at least for now, after a day of negotiation and confusion. cbs news correspondent kelly cobiella is in gainesville, florida, and she has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. pastor terry jones says this protest is suspended until he's convinced that a supposed deal that led him to change his mind is in place. so, there's some confusion and some -- between the two sides, between the florida imam, who says there was no explicit deal to move this mosque from ground -- from the islamic
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center from near ground zero and the florida pastor who believes that that was the deal for him to call off his planned protest. there's still a lot of back and forth with that. a lot of uncertainty. but the bottom line is this florida pastor says he'll wait until later this evening to reassess and decide whether or not he should then go forward once again with the plan to burn the koran on the anniversary of 9/11. harry? >> kelly cobiella in gainesville, florida, thanks. and pastor terry jones joins us now from gainesville, also with us from orlando is imam muhammad musri. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> pastor jones, let me ask you first, what is the status of the event to burn the koran on 9/11? what is the status of it this morning? >> right now we have called the event off, based upon the offer
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that the imam gave us. he came here yesterday after hearing a radio program in which i mentioned that we would be willing to cancel our event if they were willing to move the mosque from ground zero location. he came to me yesterday with that proposal, saying that would be done. >> all right. did you feel like you were lied to yesterday? >> i did not feel like i was lied to yesterday as he was talking to me, no. he is a man of god, according to his faith. and i did not expect him to lie to me. i took him at his word. >> all right. imam musri, help us understand the root of this misunderstanding, then. >> there should be no misunderstanding. we simply are in the process of a moving situation. and the first part was the
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understanding with the pastor about what's being done in gainesville. and the second part was, to arrange for the meeting and fly over to new york and sit down with the man responsible for the project over there. >> do you have a meeting with abdul rauf? >> we have a commitment for a meeting. and we spent the day actually answering the question not being able to sit down and call and secure the exact time of the meeting, but we have a commitment. he will be meeting with us and we will be going up there, myself and pastor jones, to discuss the nature and the idea of moving the mosque from -- >> pastor jones, there is a meeting planned, that you will are the opportunity to have this conversation, is this satisfier
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to to you? >> i am, of course, as you can imagine, very, very disappointed because that is not what the imam told me yesterday. we were very, very clear. i had witnesses in the office with me. we discussed it three or four times, the proposal was very, very clear. we would cancel the event on saturday if they would move the mosque from the ground zero location. it is something the american people want. and the muslim people don't want us to burn the bible, so actually it was a perfect compromise. i am very disappointed that he has now either reneging on that or saying that it never took place. >> but even in the news conference yesterday, the imam said -- imam musri said that was not something he himself could guarantee. i guess the good thing in the short term is that these books are not going to be burned
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tomorrow. pastor jones, i guess what i'm not sure is, do you understand what you have wrought here? do you understand the furor this has caused and the dangerous ground on which you tread? >> i understand clearly what it has revealed. i understand that it has revealed that there is a violent element of islam that is much violent -- much more violent than what we had anticipated. >> finally, imam musri, is this a man with whom peace can be made, pastor jones? >> i think pastor jones is a good man that has misread the situation and the gravity of the actions he was about to take. i tried my best to help him understand that his actions here
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in gainesville, florida, would affect our troops overseas. it would affect every american abroad. and it is a very dangerous situation. he would be offering the terrorist groups the perfect tool to recruit more young people and radicalize them. so, we have worked hard to try to help him understand that and back off that propaganda tool that they need. >> all right. well, you have a world of people praying this comes to a good resolution. gentlemen, thank you both for taking the time to speak to us today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> erica? we have more news to get to on this friday morning. jeff glor is standing by at the news desk. good morning. >> good friday morning, everyone. in philadelphia a suspended worker returned to her company last night with a gun.
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w yvonne hiller was escorted away from the kraft food plant ten minutes early el. she open fire and killed two coworkers, injuring a third. a bloody standoff ended when s.w.a.t. team members took her into custody. in wisconsin, pretty incredible video of a bank robbery attempt that became a dangerous wrestling match. surveillance video from wednesday shows a masked robber demanning cash from a teller but a customer notices what's happening and decides to take action. watch this. he gets behind the robber and tries to put the robber in a headlock. as they struggle, the suspect drops the gun but escapes as they tumble out the door. police are still looking for that would-be robber this morning. a federal judge says the military's ban on openly gay service members is illegal. u.s. district judge virginia phillips says she's issue an order to top don't ask, don't tell. phillips ruled the ban is unconstitutional and she says it has a direct and deleterious affect on the armed services. president obama will likely be asked about don't ask, don't
7:15 am
tell during his news conference this morning. you can see that right here on cbs beginning at 11:00 eastern. iran says it's going to free an american hiker held for more than a year. sarah shourd will be released tomorrow. she was captured in july 2009. there is no word when or if the other americans will be released. many in boulder, colorado, are on fire alert this morning. if the monster fire heads their way today, they might be forced to evacuate. high wind gusts over 40 miles an hour could hamper firefighters. the fire is now 45% contained. in texas, at least three people are missing in flooding caused by the remnants of tropical storm hermine. there are already three confirmed deaths in texas and one in oklahoma. a devastating mudslide swept through a small town on italy's coast last night. this one swept down streets between buildings and engulfed parked cars. dramatic video. at least one person is missing. and in new orleans, the
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super bowl champion saints kicked off the nfl season last night. new orleans unfurled its championship banner and then, in surprisingly low-scoring game, beat minnesota 14-9. 16 minutes past the hour right now. football season is here. it's a happy time. dave price is off this morning, lonnie quinn is here. good weekend for football? >> you know what, it's football-like weather, especially here in the northeast because we'll have those temperature in the 70s for the week en. i will say saturday looks better than sunday. my weather headlines. let's call it book end sunshine. i mean both coasts are looking pretty good. problem spots are in the middle of the country. if you take a look at the satellite and radar picture, northern plains and central plains, that's where we see the rain right now. it's really around the central plains, though, i think the toughest weather will kick in. places like kansas city, des moines, warm moist flow for you as the jet stream runs up over your area. that front around the
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everybody, make it a great day wherever you are. harry, aerica, it's all yours. california has chelsea's law locking up dangerous sex offenders, possibly for life. we'll talk exclusively with the parent of the teenage victim. britney spears fighting back against charges of sexual harassment and child abuse. this is "the early show" on cbs. sometimes getting our kids to eat the way they should
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in a couple of minute we're going to talk to brent and kelly king, whose daughter was brutally murdered earlier this year in southern california. they've gotten a law passed that would have, perhaps, protected their daughter from john gardner, a convicted child molester. we'll talk more about all of this and chelsea's law when we come back. it's such a disturbing story but some resolution for other families. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mercedes benz. experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a universal gesture... ♪ a way of telling the world "you did it!"... without saying a word. introducing the mercedes-benz sls...amg. [ engine revs ]
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♪ a lot of fall energy out there, right? the weather cooled off a little bit here in new york the last couple of days. and people are happy, happy, happy, happy. >> nice crisp in the air. i like it. >> welcome back to the "early show." >> a lot to get to this hour, including the latest on britney spears, who's now defending herself against a former bodyguard, who's suing her, claiming she sexually harassed her and claiming abuse toward her children. we'll take a look at the charges, her response, and we'll look at britney. also ahead this morning, something you must see before you buy any more food. you want as many weapons in your money-saving arsenal as possible. >> absolutely. >> there's no telling how much money you can use if you use high-tech tools with your shopping list. we'll check out some apps and a few supermarket secrets that will lead you to the best deals, we promise. first, the story of chelsea's law, signed yesterday
7:31 am
by california's governor and named after a san diego teenager who was murdered while jogging near her home seven months ago. we're going to talk to chelsea's parents in just a moment. first, cbs news correspondent betty nguyen has the story. good morning, betty. >> good morning. chelsea king was a beautiful and talented high school student whose life was cut short by a convicted sex offender. this new law ames to make sure other predators like him are locked up for good. >> because of chelsea, california's children will be safer. because of chelsea, this never has to happen again. >> reporter: putting his signature to a new law, california governor arnold schwarzenegger vowed to keep the most dangerous sexual offenders behind bars for life. >> this could be considered a one-strike law for violent, sexual predators. judges in california will now have the power to impose a life sentence without the possibility of parole on one with just one convication. >> reporter: the law is named for 17-year-old chelsea king who
7:32 am
was raped and murdered in february while jogging in a parker in her home. john gardner confessed to the crime and also led authorities to the body of amber dubois, missing since 2009. >> i am filled with a rage i did not feel i could possess against this man. i hate him with all my soul. >> reporter: gardner was imprisoned a decade ago for molesting his neighbor but served only five years, despite a psychiatrist's warning he was still a dangerous predator. this revelation outraged chelsea's community. >> the idea behind this law is to save lives, to track predators, to keep them in prison, in some cases for life, in order to save the lives of other potential young victims. >> reporter: chelsea's mom thanked the governor directly. >> you've helped us fulfill our dream of doing everything in our power to prevent this tragedy from ever happening to another family again. >> this new law will also toughen other penalties for child molesters, including requiring lifetime parole and gps monitoring for more serious
7:33 am
offenders. harry? >> betty, thank you very much. joining us exclusively from san diego are chelsea's parents, brent and kelly king, along with california assemblyman nathan fletcher, who led the effort to pass chelsea's law. thank you for taking the time to speak with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> brent, kelly, tell me first, how are you guys doing? >> we're doing okay. yesterday was a very good day in california. >> yeah. kelly, what was it that made you spearhead this effort to get this legislation written in california? >> you know, i think as a parent, there was no other choice than to say, enough is enough. this has happened too many times to too many beautiful, innocent young children. and it's got to stop. >> brent, i remember talking with you all last -- earlier
7:34 am
this year, and remembering being so moved just by the story of your daughter. she was a remarkable young person. and the shock that both of you are in that something like this could happen. by passing this law, does this in some way -- nothing is guaranteed, but does it make it possible that something like this couldn't happen again? >> it brings some peace to other families, that they shouldn't have to go through what we went through. and that brings some peace to kelly and i, that we're helping the community as much as we can. and that brings us some healing. which is really important. >> nathan, let me ask you, a young guy, very new to the legislature in california. what was it about this story that made you say, we're going to get this done somehow?
7:35 am
>> well, i think when you look at what happened and you look at the terrible tragedy that in so many cases was preventable and you recognize that public safety is the critical responsibility of government, it's the most important thing is-t does is protection of the children, protection of the innocent, to see the failure and know that out of this tragedy everyone felt an obligation to try to do something, as brent said, ensure that future families don't have to go through what they're going through. it really was the spirit of chelsea and the bravery and dedication of brent and kelly that got us to yesterday, which is a really good day in california. >> how did you get it done, though? because in so many cases this would have ended up, you know, on a ballot or -- or things like this usually take years. >> well, that was one of the things when we started, i was kind of being realistic and i told brent and kelly, hey, these things take years. sometimes they go to a initiative of the people, but there was an amazing team of supporters that came together. there were tens of thousands of
7:36 am
community leaders, parents, law enforcement groups, crime victims groups, but most importantly, the most powerful story of an amazing lady, chelsea king, that led to us the effort, for what we started, in a few short months pass one of the most sweeping public safety measures in california, and i think it's a great tribute and legacy to the power of chelsea king and to the dedication of brent and kelly, who chose to say, we're going to do everything we can to make california a better place. >> right. brent and kelly, this is the tough question of the morning. if a law like this had been in place a year ago, would you have to be sitting where you're sitting right now? >> no. in my heart of hearts, i believe we would not be sitting here. >> as long as we had a tough judge that would enforce it, we wouldn't be sitting here. >> wow. in the meantime, you've moved away. you've moved to chicago. you've moved on with your life. trying to put pieces bang
7:37 am
together again. i think there will be parents in the future who will be able to thank you for your efforts to make the change in this law in california. and i know people in other states are starting to talk about it, too. this couldn't be easy for the both of you, and mr. fletcher, we appreciate your time this morning, too. thank you for taking the time to share your story again. take care. >> thank you, harry. >> thanks, harry. going to get a check of the weather
7:38 am
we're shifting gears. up next, britney spears has her former bodyguard is suing her just to make a name for himself. we'll look at his claims when "the early show" continues. rise and shine! [ man ] ♪ today the world looks mighty fine ♪ [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪
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the latest hollywood showdown pits a pop star against the man paid to protect her. britney spears is rejecting charges made by a former bodyguard who has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her. floers claims she repeatedly exposed herself to him and he also claims she hit her young sons with a belt. it was investigated and nothing came of it but hollywood is buzzing. with us is mrs. fuller, editor of brittany says someone is trying to make a name for himself. went on to say, they have every expectation the matter will be dismissed. is that the consensus at this point, that this guy is trying to make a quick buck? these are serious allegations.
7:42 am
>> they are very serious allegations but it's also very serious that the department of child and family services in l.a. did investigate and they dropped -- and they completely dropped the investigation because they came to the conclusion that there was nothing there. at we've done a lot of research into this. they take these charges extremely seriously. so, i don't think this guy's going anywhere with his suit. >> it's interesting, though, that he would follow through with it, because as you mentioned, these charges apparently, because the investigation was done and nothing was found, kevin federline, the father of her two young sons says, look, there's nothing here. i don't have a problem with her. she's fine. she seems to be putting her life back together. we vane heard anything from her. >> which is fantastic. all we've heard about her is she's out with her children. she just came back from a romantic vacation with her latest boyfriend. and she's been with this boyfriend, yea son trolwick, for
7:43 am
quite some time. she looks terrific. circus was excellent -- >> the tour she just did. >> that's right. she's really put her life back together. >> but she could be back in the tabloids for this, which i'm sure she probably wouldn't be too excited about. >> i'm sure this is the last thing she wants. however, i do feel that she and her -- and her camp are very confident that this will go away. and i don't think that people are going to pay it too much mind. i mean, celebrities are often the victim of these kind of suits. >> this is dish this is being filed in california. a lot of laws in california tend to look at employees to make sure everything is okay, especially when it comes to things like sexual harassment. this gentleman in filing the suit is really going to have to prove that. >> i believe he has an uphill battle because he doesn't have anything accept his own allegations on his side. in fact, we heard that he was not an employee, that he was
7:44 am
actually -- he had been hired by an outside company. he was only with her for a few months. apparently, he didn't say a word about any of this until some time after he left. >> well, we will all be watching to see what happens. bonnie, appreciate you bringing us the scoop on it. thanks. just ahead, it's not a speed bump. it's something totally different. a hologram. check that out. one canadian school is scarying drives into slamming on the brakes. that gives you one idea of how they're doing it. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. female announcer ] why do we offer flu shots at walgreens every day? because we're big on sharing. our pens... our snacks... everything... and one of the best ways to protect yourself and your coworkers is with a flu shot from walgreens. with the most pharmacists certified to immunize and walk-ins welcome every day, we're making it easier for everyone to get their flu shot. get yours at walgreens and take care clinics today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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carnation instant breakfast essentials. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. when allergies make them itch, don't wait for your pills to kick in. choose alaway, from the eye health experts at bausch & lomb. it works in minutes and up to 12 hours. bausch & lomb alaway. because it's not just your allergies, it's your eyes.
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7:48 am
from iowa. at dopted son. harry went to college in iowa, this is why, in case you didn't know. sorry. moving on. we can move on now. >> did you see this? this is an experiment they're trying in vancouver. this looks like a child, but it's a painting. it's -- somehow they figured out -- it -- actually the way it read through the windshield as you're driving up to it, as if there is a child -- >> standing in the road. >> it's a hl low gram. it looks like a hallow gram. it's not a literal -- >> no, but it gives the appearance. as kids are going back to school across the country, across north america, i mean, they put the signs up. they put the flashing lights up. you see the crossing guards. but in neighborhood after neighborhood after neighborhood, people fly -- they don't slow down. >> i think they go faster lately. >> almost. doesn't it seem like that? especially if you have children, you're hyperaware of this. this is an experiment thir trying just to get people to slow down. >> i wonder if it's the image of
7:49 am
the child chasing the ball or just a picture on the road? i think i'd -- >> whether another picture would stop? >> a combination of both? yeah, i mean, it clearly get your attention when you look at it. absolutely. >> it will be interesting to see what they find after they look at this for a little while and see as the school year progresses -- >> if it's worth trying someplace else. we have a lot of show to come. >> indeed, we do. that's coming up after your local news.
7:50 am
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8:00 am
a fine friday morning here on the plaza. >> it's so beautiful outside. >> it is this perfect, crisp, fall day. >> it's good. >> who needs coffee on a day like today? we need coffee. >> a lot of -- >> let's be realistic. the weather only does so much, but it's good. good to have you with us on a friday morning. i'm erica hill along with harry smith. a lot coming up in this hour. >> yes. >> are you a coupon queen? mom. my mother is. she's very good at this. using coupons at supermarket is only the half of it. we'll show you how combining coupon with internet and phone apps can save you more money, including an app i've been waiting my entire life for. tell them what you got in the fridge, it will tell you what you can make. >> really? >> it's about time. >> i like it. also we've been talking about stand up to cancer, the big-name fund-raiser that airs tonight on cbs and all the other
8:01 am
big networks. coming up we'll have the story of two teenage friends, oscar nominated actress abigail breslin, and a brain cancer survivor, who are standing up to cancer together. >> i love it. it's a great story. >> also, a lot more to get to in the news so we'll check in with jeff glor at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home. fire officials say it will take at least until this afternoon to search a san francisco suburb that was gutted by an explosion and a fire. it appears a huge explosion last night that rocks san bruno was caused by a ruptured gas line. 53 homes were destroyed by the firestorm and at least one person was killed there. you're looking at pictures over the scene. priya david clemens is in san bruno this morning with the latest. priya? >> reporter: jeff, good morning. i'm in a parking lot which turned into the impromptu gathering spot for evacuees, for the red cross sent them to on to shelters for the night. that's because of that video you just saw, which is the homes being absolutely ravaged in this
8:02 am
neighborhood. hundreds of people have lost everything. more than 50 homes have been completely destroyed. 100 more have been damaged. at least three people we're hearing at this point have died in the blaze. several more are being treated for burns in critical condition. it is still early in the investigation, but the cause of the fire does appear to be a broken natural gas line. it caused the explosion and then continued to fuel the huge fire ball for hours. early on there were some reports that because it was close to the airport and there was such a loud explosion people thought, perhaps, a small plane or even a jet crashed in this neighborhood. that is not the case. apparently there was no plane involved. helicopters dropped fire retardant on the flames over and over. working hard to suppress the fire's growth. they're still keeping an eye on the hot spots this morning. obviously, the last thing they want is for the morning breeze to fan up the flames once again. jeff? >> pretty dramatic stuff. priya david clemens in san
8:03 am
francisco, thank you. the florida preacher who threatened to burn copies of the koran says for now he's called off the event. in afghanistan thousands protested the event to burn the muslim holy book. several hundred charged a nato compound. the reverend terry jones met with a muslim leader yesterday. earlier he told harry he thought he had a deal involving the islamic cultural center scheduled to be built near ground zero. >> the proposal was very, very clear. we would cancel the event on saturday if they would move the mosque from the ground zero location. it is something that the american people want and the muslim people do not want us to burn the bible. so, actually, it was a perfect compromi compromise. i am very disappointed that he has now either reneging on that or saying that it never took place. >> the imam who met with jones says the deal was to arrange a meeting, not to move the cultural center. on the eve of this ninth anniversary of 9/11, cbs "early
8:04 am
show" saturday chris wragge has an exclusive look at the construction made on ground zero. he's at the world trade center site this morning. chris, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. after years of haggling, red tape, delay after delay, not to mention some significant work going on below ground here at ground zero, for the first time visitors from around the world can see tangible progress here at ground zero as the skyline here in lower manhattan continues to change. for eight years after 9/11, the hole in the ground that's become known as ground zero was also a hole in our nation's psyche. now, it's pulsing with energy. >> a lot of progress. >> yeah, we're getting there. >> reporter: when we met iron worker superintendent kevin murphy a year ago, tower one was just about three stories high. now for 175 iron workers hauling steel, it's all about height. >> is that what it is, two floors every ten days? >> yeah, so we're flying. >> reporter: cement has been
8:05 am
poured up to the 28th floor and steel beams now reach the 36th floor. 33 floors higher than a year ago. in the distance you can see world trade center four is starting to take shape. right below me here, you can see the original footprints of the twin towers for the 9/11 memorial and museum. on the memorial plaza the first 16 of over 400 trees have been planted next to what will be america's largest manmade water falls tracing the outline of the fallen twin towers. there are no visible signs of progress yet at the planned transportation hub and towers two and three, but that's not the case at tower four. last year construction had reached ground level. now steel beams are six stories high and climbing a floor a week. >> the time is finally here when it's safe to say, all projects are under way and progressing well. within another year or so, you'll see the projects above ground. >> reporter: and on this ninth anniversary, there will still be
8:06 am
plenty of noise surrounding this mosque controversy, but tomorrow the real focus shifts back to where it really belongs, to ground zero and of course with the memories of those lost on 9/11. jeff? >> chris wragge this morning, thank you very much. in oregon a birthday celebration for kyron horman, who is still missing this morning. >> hi there, everybody. thanks for coming. for those of you who don't know me, i'm kyron's mom. >> friends and family gathered at his hometown church to celebrate kyron's eighth birthday. they shared his favorite cake as well. kyron's been missing now -- ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> it's been more than three months since kyron went missing. dave price is off this morning. so, lonnie quinn is back outside with another check of the weather on this beautiful crisp, fall-like morning, lonnie. >> jeff, you got it. it's beautiful out here. we have some beautiful signs. check this out. holden, caden and brennan put
8:07 am
all this effort into colorful signs to say hello to everybody in hollywood, florida. then this gal over here, mary alice. this is her sign. what is we. >> it's the bifield, hello. >> if you take a look at the weather picture, here's what we see out there. the midsection of the country is where i'm finding the wet weather. bifield, mass, you'll have a nice day there today. if you look at the west coast, though, with the fire that exploded last night south of san francisco, mother nature not really helping. i don't see any rains. the winds are gusty, 20 10 to 25 miles an hour. the only good news is the fire is coming in off the
8:08 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by travelers. >> all right. u.s. open is in town. we clearly got some young tennis players here. that's it for the weather. harry, over to you. >> lonnie, thank you very much. up next, oscar nominee abigail breslin, standing up to cancer with a friend. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place.
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in this morning's "healthwatch," standing up to cancer. on tonight's prime time special, you'll meet two very special teenage friends, each battling cancer in their own way. cbs news correspondent elaine quijano is here with their
8:12 am
story. elaine, good morning. >> good morning to you, harry. when you're recovering from a debilitating illness, friends are especially important. they can give your spirits a much needed lift and it's even better if that friend happens to be a movie star. >> say cheese. >> cheese. >> reporter: they may look and act like typical teenage friends. >> she's great. she's a good friend. we can talk about anything. >> is it really pretty? >> reporter: yet these two girls are anything but typical. abigail breslin is a 14-year-old oscar nominated actress, famous for her role in "little miss sunshine". >> i don't want to be a loser. >> reporter: pearce quesenberry is a brain cancer survivor. >> it was horrible. words can't describe everything i went through. >> reporter: their worlds seemed miles apart until abigail was invited to visit the children's hospital of philadelphia. the actress met the cancer patient and both their lives changed forever.
8:13 am
>> that's so cool. i love the windows. >> thanks. >> abigail can't go out in public without being stared at. when i was going through treatment, i had no hair. people stared at me all the time, so i feel like even though it was very different, we had that connection there that was the same. >> is this your teddy bear? >> yeah. >> reporter: the girls became friends. and a few months later, both traveled to los angeles to take the fight against cancer public, appearing together in the 2008 "stand up to cancer" telecast. >> and kids, tell your parents you'll give $1 if they'll give $10. >> reporter: after the telecast the girls stayed in touch, visiting each other whenever possible and texting each other often. >> we just got along as friends and cancer wasn't really a big part of our relationship. >> reporter: she wasn't pearce, your friend with cancer, she was just pearce your friend. >> she was just pearce my friend, yeah. >> reporter: two years after the girls first met, pearce is
8:14 am
cancer-free. both will again take part in the "stand up to cancer" telecast, but with one profound difference. instead of wearing an "in treatment" t-shirt like many on the show, pearce's will say survivor. so putting on that survivor shirt will be huge for you. >> yeah, really big. i don't even know what i'll do. i'll probably start crying right on the spot. it was a long battle to get to where i am. >> reporter: a battle, she says, she has not fought alone. >> i just want to say that, like, through all of this, abby has really -- she's been the one thing in my life that's like, i can turn to and she's there. she's always there. it's good to have her there. she's really a great friend. >> and one of the reasons that abigail breslin got involved in the fight against cancer is because her grandfather died of lung cancer about a year before she shot "little miss sunshine," so very personal for her as well. >> good story. we remember the special from two
8:15 am
years ago, "stand up to cancer," raised about $100 million. what's the goal tonight? >> the goal would be to raise money and try to is you are pass that number. you're right, $100 million they were able to raise in the 2008 telecast. not only do they want to try to surpass that goal, they also want to show people where the money they have raised so far is going, some of the cutting edge research. >> katie was here the other day and showed us some impressive stuff. thanks so much. "stand up to cancer" airs tonight at 8:00/7:00 central on cbs and other major television networks. up next, save big bucks the next time you go grocery shopping. this is the segment you've been waiting for when we come back. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch," sponsored by kellogg's special k products. ♪
8:16 am
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the average family of four spends at least $600 a month on
8:18 am
food. clipping coupons isn't the only way to cut that budget down. lisa lee freeman is editor of "shop smart" magazine. this morning she'll help us cut the grocery bill down to size. $600 a month, i thought i was overspending but at least i'm with that average, so thank you. >> you're welcome. >> the best thing to do before we even hit the store, you say, we need to come to grips with reality. what do we need to know before we start shopping to reduce the bill? >> the most important tip here is, if you really want to save big, you got to change the way you shop. changing your stores, changing the brands you buy. that can save you 40%, 50%, or more, and you have to learn to use a few new tools in order to save money. >> so, we have to be flexible, shop around and the tools. you'll help us specifically with the tools this morning. a lot can be found online. the first one, my this is a fant deal. >> there are a lot of circulars you can find online so you don't have to rifle through the
8:19 am
newspapers. you can find lots of coupons online. this site makes it super easy because you go to and you can go through the circular and click on what you want to buy, you can get some coupons at the site, too. you print out the list, you're good to go. >> it's so much easier. . that's a great website. also doing some shopping online can save you big, especially if you want a large quantity. >> if you have a big family or you tend to buy certain things a lot, like diapers or dog food. you probably have been to the warehouse stores and you lug all that stuff home and it's a big pain. there's a site called and will sell you these things in bulk. >> this is how restaurants shop. this is not a giant case. you're not getting pallets. >> a lot of people don't have storage space. i live in an apartment and people have small homes so you don't have space to store it.
8:20 am
you're not talking pallets. >> no, very reasonable. >> >> and then this floored me. you're looking at english muffins. i saw some for $5.29 the other day and i put them back. >> we have an army of secret shoppers across the current. when we want to dhoek see who has the best deals, we deploy them. this time we picked up a basket of everyday items to see who had it cheaper. everything, cleaners, food products, all that kind of stuff. we went to targets, walmarts, supermarkets, online. we went all over the place checking. this is a great example of what we found. we found that walmart is almost always cheapest with target a close second. these muffins at the average supermarket were about $3.40. so that was the average price. amazon was $6.95. >> who's spending $7 on dmrish muffins? people, if they're $7, you know you can get them cheaper. >> target had them for $2.24 and
8:21 am
walmart for $2. >> it's important to know -- if you see one item that's inexpensive not everything else is. >> people think, all this stuff is on sale in the circular. doesn't mean everything else is a good deal. you might have to shop at different stores to get the best deals. >> you also have to look around the store because where things are placed in aisle -- cheese is a great example. two different prices in the same store. >> that's right. absolutely. cheese is a great example because everybody has a supermarket where they have a fancy cheese section. and you think, oh, these look really nice. but you might not realize they might cost 50% more to get that feta cheese or that cheddar or any other cheeses in that fancy case versus the regular dairy case. people don't know swiss and cheddar and certain other cheeses have to be processed the same way by law. >> it's essentially the same cheese. go to the dairy case. this is always -- i've always thought this must be the case. when you buy cut-up veggies you pay 100% more? >> 160% more at our local
8:22 am
market. we have the five minute rule, if it takes less than five minutes to chop it up, don't do it. >> two important apps, card smart. >> card star. it's an app. don't you hate it when you get to a store and you realize you don't have your loyalty card? you feel like you're paying more money than everybody else. this lets you load all of your loyalty cards onto your iphone so you always have them with you and you can get rid of this clutter. >> and this is the one i've been dreaming of. this is from whole foods. you can actually search for a recipe by dietary restriction and by the ingredients in your kitchen. >> that's right. and make healthy meals. or if you're on a diet restrictions, it will help you make meals like that, too. >> you plug in what you've got and it will generate a list. >> a shopping list if you need anything. you can take it to the supermarket. >> i love this. lisa lee freeman, you always have great s
8:23 am
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nice! >> this is one of the coolest things you'll ever see. if people go out to flushing r for, you know, the u.s. open and, you know, the big -- last big days are today, but right here on the plaza we've got it going on. jeff glor who fancies himself as a big serving volleyer. the u.s. open in full swing. who's going to be the next venus williams or john mcenroe? the united states ten miss association hopes a new program quick start for kids could help generate the next superstar. head of player development is with us live on the blaz. >> this morning. >> we are so pufred up. >> this is cool. >> this is going to change tennis. >> this is the racket you use on the smaller court. it's like a real tennis racket. about the same size head, handle's much smaller. what happens out here? >> when you watch these kids,
8:31 am
you see they're playing like the pros because they're playing with the right conditions. the court's smaller, ball's not bouncing up as high. we see it in every other sport. it's taken us a long time to be able to get it done in tennis. not only is it going to get more kids playing the game at a young age and enjoying it, number one for kids, but we think developmentally it will help those kids develop even better and become better players. >> check out one of these balls. have you to see this. it's basically a nufsh -- >> it's a foam ball, a nerf ball. >> the hardest things for kids in baseball or whatever sport, is the moving ball and trying to connect -- >> you see kids playing with a regular ball and it's swinging above their head and their swinging above their head. now if you watch these kids, they're playing like the pros. >> right. because their racket form and everything else is right on the money. >> that's right. the form is right.
8:32 am
and they're having fun. the only way you get kids to do something to continue doing something is for fun. >> how long has this been going on? >> the usta and tennis industry is trying to put the package together and formalize it. we're trying to change the rules of ten and under competitive tennis, that they'll play more competitions in this -- >> with this size court and -- >> yeah, different 8-year-olds you have rules and 10 and under kids as well. so, they continue to progress. with the right dimensions. if your kid happens to be an absolute superstar, maybe they can play up and play against older kids. >> the thing is -- >> look, they're winded over here. they're tired. >> they are winded. >> these kids are doing. >> yeah, they are good. >> there will be a national tournament for this sort of stuff? >> there will be a lot of tournaments -- watch out. >> thank goodness it's foam. >> there are no national tourn manies for kids under 10.
8:33 am
for 12, but 10 and under there's lots of tournaments around the country. >> let's talk about what's going to happen with the u.s. open as it draws to a conclusion. we've got it on cbs later today. and then coming up this weekend. if these draws really play out, i think cbs is going to be pretty darn happy, right? >> i think everybody would in the tennis industry, if we get nadal and federer. venus williams playing in the semifinals against kim clijsters. >> today. >> today. we've never seen it in new york, we've seen it in the other majors, nadal and federer. federer going for his 17th major. a couple other guys that would like that not to happen but djokovic is the only one that wouldn't want that to happen. >> it's been great tennis. enjoying watching you over the past two weeks. what a pleasure to have you with us on the plaza. >> appreciate it.
8:34 am
you watch these kids, they're playing real tennis. >> i might see if one of them can give me a lesson. >> that nerf ball is awesome. >> thank you. really appreciate it. for more on quick start g to our website, and remember, cbs sports coverage of the u.s. open women's semifinals begins today at 12:30 eastern time. that's 11:30 central. our coverage continues on saturday and sunday for the finals right here on cbs. >> lots of good stuff coming up. also ahead this half our on "the early show," attention shoppers, time to have a little fun tonight because it is fashion's night out. we're talking parties, celebrity sightings, stores open late, sometimes as late as 11:00 all over the country and even the world this year. famed designer diane von furstenberg is here to tell us about it, how you can head out to the stores and have some fun tonight. >> if you would rather go to the movies, good news there. harry potter is back, as well as bruce willis. we'll be looking at the hottest
8:35 am
new films opening soon this fall. >> is bruce willis in the harry potter movie? >> he actually plays harry potter. >> very good. harry's all grown up. also ahead, the photographer who slugged it out with a shark and never dropped his camera. this is an amazing story. these surfing buddies are going to tell us all about their close encounter off the florida coast in just a little bit. but first -- where is he? >> he's on a tennis court somewhere. >> you have to understand my role in this segment was, i had to hold erica's shoes while she was out there playing. >> it was important. very important. thanks, lonnie. >> lonnie quinn, your weekend forecast. >> these kids are smacking the ball. let's talk about the weather out there, sport, because here's how we see it. as far as the hot spots and chilly temps, wichita falls today, 99 degrees. the coldest spot, caribou, maine, 56 degrees. my favorite spot, i just love
8:36 am
saying this town's name, kalamazoo, 72 degrees. we see some wet weather in the midsection of the country, northern plains and central plains. as you look ahead to sunday, that wet weather does push to the east. now, i'm talking sunday's outlook because u.s. open right here on cbs. i think this there could be a few raindrops out there. i'll watch this one real carefully for you. as of right now, we watch for wet weather to move into the northeast come sunday. saturday's the better part of your week en. that's a
8:37 am
that's going to do it for your weather. you make it a great day wherever you are. erica, next time you're holding onto my shoes. >> it's a deal, lonnie. hopefully they're lonnie may be buying tonight because tonight is a night to shop and do a little partying. fashion's night out has finally arrived. this year it's going global in only its second year. many of the world's top designers are taking part, including the legendary diane von furstenberg, who's here. it's a treat to have you in the studio. >> it's a little earlier but it's all right. >> this started out as something for new york city last year to help spur the economy. now it's global. >> yes. well, it was -- we did it a little bit -- i mean, in paris and london, there were some things last year, too. but what happened is when anna and i -- we met in paris last -- not this summer but the summer before. at the time, you know, there was a lot of crisis, economic
8:38 am
crisis. what do we do to really, you know, do something exciting? and she came up with the idea of a fashion night out. which to bring the designers in the shops to the consumers. and what i thought was really important is -- because, you see, the fashion shows that start next week, fashion week is really trade. what you show -- what we will show next week is spring. therefore, people won't be able to buy them until six months from now. so, to create real big event in stores, to have the design, go to the shops and meet with the people, to create the excitement of what you can buy now makes so much sense. >> you're really bringing it to the people who buy it all, who get so excited to meet you and the other designers. you started that out, too, by bringing them in, giving them a taste of fashion week with this huge public fashion center in lincoln center on thursday
8:39 am
night. >> and it was the biggest fashion show ever. it was wonderful. there were 130 models, i think, and the makeup. everything was beautiful. but what i keep on emphasizing is that that fashion show was fall. that fashion show is what is in the stores now. and i think that's really, really important. listen, all of us designers, my eyes are like this, i worked really late last night. i'm going back to working on my show. fashion night out for us, it's a big effort, but it's such a great idea. and it's so great for customers, for women, for people -- i mean, tonight and the weather will be nice, you can run all around the cities. i mean, in more than -- i mean, so many places. and there are events everywhere, there are celebrities in places, there is music, everything. >> special deejays, special food, cocktails. >> and it's a celebration of, you know, the designers to meet
8:40 am
the public. and last year we were very successful. in my place on 14th street we had so many people i thought, oh, but we won't do business. the next day we said, we did huge business. >> you found it encouraged people to shop. it's a tough environment for people to shop in right now. the economy is tough. people don't have jobs. >> the truth is, if you want people to shop, you have to give them things they want, okay? so that is the very first thing. so, hopefully, we all have, you know, all worked very hard to give people what they need, they want and they can afford. but there are little things back and forth. but it's really a celebration, a celebration of new york, to help the city, the economy of the industry. fashion industry is number two in the city. so, we need the jobs. we need the taxes. we need everything. >> it's no longer just new york but this is now global and across the country so people can
8:41 am
participate. >> exactly. >> great to have you this morning. thanks so much. >> don't forget, you can see a behind the scenes special on fashions night out airing right here on cbs at 10:00/9:00 central coming up on tuesday the 14th. >> now that the summer blockbusters have come and gone, get ready for a whole new set of great movies this fall. dalton ross, assistant managing editor of "entertainment weekly" is here with an early look at the biggest and best new films. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> it seems hard to believe, but this whole summer thing, it's already over. >> in the books. >> it kind of gets into a whole different sort of film starting in the fall. and we want to look at a bunch of different ones, but the first one we want to take a look at -- a little glimpse of is the latest harry potter movie. >> the biggest one, harry potter. they finally got to the last book "harry potter and the deathly hollows" but breaking it up into two films. the first part comes out november 19th, the second part
8:42 am
july 2011. twice as much for audiences and twice as much profited for the company. the first one in 3d. it was not shot in 3d, it was converted afterwards, like a lot of movies were after the success of "avatar." the question is, one, how will it look? two, does it even matter? this movie will be enormous regardless. >> as a franchise, it's one of those things that we keep going back to and people will quibble about, this one's not as good as this one, that one's better than the other, we still go. >> it's absolutely enchanting. obviously, the book series is out of the world and the films have been pretty faithful as well. >> the other movie getting a lot of publicity is the new wall street movie. >> yes, "wall street" follow-up "money never sleeps" oliver stone's follow-up. is there enough juice in the franchise? two, shia lebeouf starts.
8:43 am
can he transition into more serious adult roles? but if the answer about those questions is, no, it's still irresistible to see michael douglas as gordon gekko, one of the most iconic characters in the past decade. >> greed is good. >> we'll find out. >> i don't know anything about it. what is "the social network". >> the movie facebook does not want you to see. >> oh, this, okay. >> it comes out october 1st, about the origin of the social network facebook and its founder mark zuckerman. there's still another reason to see this movie and that is the cast. you have the next generation of hollywood stars here from jessizen berg to justin timberlake and then andrew garfield, who will be the next spider-man. and you have rooney mara. >> an unofficial biography or -- >> that's exactly right. facebook, not so flattering in places. >> what is "red".
8:44 am
>> "red" is basically, if you want to see people kicking butt. look at helen mira, she has a big gun and she's not afraid to use it. bruce willis, john malco-vich, retired agents forced back into the game. who doesn't want to see helen mirren spraying bullets all over the place? the expendables proved there's a market for it. >> they couldn't have made any more money. >> and then "red," i think it will continue the trend. >> all right. >> you're there, harry. don't pretend you're not buying a ticket. >> i'm buying a ticket. here's one i'm very curious about "morning glory". >> this is an interesting comedy. it's interesting because harrison ford, not known for a lot of comedy, interesting for you because it's about a newsman who comes back to host a morning news program. >> what an idea. >> he does it next to diane key t keaton. could be a nice second act for harrison ford's career moving more into comedy.
8:45 am
i need your take on it after you see it. >> i hear it's based on the number three morning show. what's "due date"? >> comes from todd phillips, director of "the hangover," road trip buddy movie. they're going to travel from atlanta to l.a., share some tears, cheers and i'm guessing a few beers along the way at some point. you know, you have two incredibly talented funny people working off each other. >> i'll buy that. and "mega mind". >> the family pic from dreamworks animation, gave us "shrek," all those other things. alien super villain wants to take control of the city and beat his rival. will ferrell, tina fey, brad pitt voices. >> and will ferrell is the loveable villain. >> right. >> dalton ross, appreciate it, as always. now here's erica. >> a sufber in florida got the scare of a lifetime after a
8:46 am
shark came charging after him and and the waters off smyrna beach. it's what he did in the midst of that attack made this encounter one of a kind. he snapped a picture of the shark as it was coming directly toward him and then gave him a punch in the nose. he joins us along with ethan wilson. good to have you with us this morning. kris, this is quite the photo. you were taking pictures. i'm guessing this is not what you anticipated having in your camera, though, at the end of the day. >> i got to tell you, i definitely was not expecting it. at least to come at me the way it did. i was definitely caught off guard by that. >> from the way i understand it, this happened really quickly, yet in that split second, you still had the wherewithal to grab your camera and take the picture. >> yes. i had always claimed that if a shark did charge me, that i would, in fact, get a picture. and then hit it as hard as i could. and luckily, i didn't blow it when it did happen. >> so you kind of planned for this situation.
8:47 am
>> well, you always talk about stuff -- well, we do, me and my friends. just anticipating something ridiculous happening. >> and i understand, though, maybe anticipating something ridiculous, but this is sort of the shark capital in a lot of ways and your dad had given you advice about what to do if you ever came face to face with a shark. >> yeah. my dad always claims -- he watched the discovery channel special where they're chuming up the great whites by the boat, they tickle them under the nose and they go docile, they roll over. he says, do that and if that doesn't work, punch them as hard as you can. >> tickle the shark and then punch the shark. good backup plan. >> ethan, you're out there. how much did you see happening at the time? >> well, i'd seen kris sort of on the inside where the waves were breaking. and i saw all these mullet kind of blow up around him.
8:48 am
so i pretty much saw the entire thing go down from to kris frea out to the shark going after him. >> when you saw kris pull back and clock the shark, what's going through your mind? >> well, honestly, i thought he had been attacked. i thought my friend was going to die. but, i mean, once i seen he was okay and swimming toward shore, i mean, i didn't really know what to think until i saw the picture. >> yeah. and now it's a totally different reaction, of course, because things turned out well. i understand your mother didn't have perhaps the same reaction. >> oh, yes. right when i got back, i hadn't actually seen the photo until i took it out of my water housing, the case for the camera. of course, you know, i'm telling her, well, mom, you know, a shark came pretty close to me. i didn't even want to tell her at first. and then she sees the picture
8:49 am
and just starts balling her eyes out. i felt so bad. >> mothers everywhere are cringing and incredibly happy you're here to tell your story this morning. real quickly, are you both going back in the water. >> definitely. >> yes. >> i hear the photograph may actually be used in "surfer" magazine, so congrats on that. congra !%
8:50 am
8:51 am
beautiful shot there. >> pretty. >> gorgeous day in new york city. of course, it is september 10th so a lot of folks tomorrow going to be looking back at what happened nine years ago here in new york city and also in washington and pennsylvania. special coverage tomorrow begins with "the early show" saturday. going to be talking to folks who lost someone on that day, look at how things are moving ahead, what has changed in the nine years since then.
8:52 am
>> i think, you know, it's so interesting. we've been down there so many times over the last nine years, and forever, it seemed, as we went down to ground zero, time after time after time it was just this pit. it was this pit. and it has changed dramatically just in the last year. >> finally, finally. >> and it almost feels -- interesting, in the last couple weeks leading up to the anniversary, but the amount of coverage it's gotten, especially in the local papers here, people saying, look, you can finally see something happening. >> what is the projected completion date down there? >> one world trade center, which some people call the freedom tower, is supposed to be finished at the end of 2013. >> you went up into it the other day. >> i did. they have 28 floors done. it's amazing the progress they're making on that right now. but it's still aways away. the memorial will be done by the tenth anniversary next year. >> there you go. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪
8:53 am
down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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